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viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

The Killers - Who let you go?

We could be friends
And I promise that it won't get bad
But hopefully that story ends
But you ain't got nothing I never had
So let's take it slow

Someone must have loved you
Not the way that I do...
You're missing what I'm trying to say
Ain't nothing getting in my way

So tell me that's fantastic
And promise me, you'll always sigh
I find it so romantic
When you look into my beautiful eyes
And lose control

(gritos de quinceañera)

don't know what it means
But I've been wondering
Who let you go?

And honey, when you walk my way
It makes me wanna say...

(más gritos de quinceañera)

Sha-la-la-lo, sha-la-la-lo

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